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Subject:Re: [youthgas] something about me
Date:Friday, May 6, 2011  15:13:46 (+1000)
From:Sue Lennox <slennox @...........au>
In reply to:Message 2016 (written by Richard Lenn)

Hello everyone

As I have known Richard personally since 2005 (through his involvement in Youth LEAD) and been actively involved in youthgas since 2001,  I would like to  wholeheartedly endorse Richard as a wonderful social entrepreneur and what he is seeking to contribute through youthgas.

So yes you can absolutely trust Richard (and thanks to your parents too Richard!)

Have great weekend


Sue Lennox
P: (02) 6655 2180
A: PO Box 301, Bellingen NSW 2454
twitter: sue_lennox
FB: YOUth LEADing the World

On 06/05/2011, at 2:11 PM, Richard Lenn wrote:

Hello everyone,
I am in between a couple of things at the moment and procrastinating a bit today, so on the spur of the moment earlier today, I sent out a short survey to see if anyone was thinking anything.
I had a couple of responses, but I wanted to share this one with you.
Hmm.  You have actually asked three questions you know so straight away I am concerned by at least you mathematical credibility.
  1. No.
  2. Don't know what I don't know about contemporary youth issues.
  3. Wouldn't have a clue because I have no idea who you are, what you could provide, to what degree you can be trusted and ... I guess ... considering all this ... even why I am answering your survey.
I thought many things about this, but mostly that tone in email is hard to tell.
It did prompt me though, to send my greetings to you all, short, medium, long and very long time subscribers.
I know we donít get to talk much.
My name is Richard Lenn, I am just leaving the early part of my 30ís and based in Sydney, Australia.
I founded YouthGAS and it is volunteer effort. I do not earn any money from it.
YouthGAS came into being around 1999 / 2000, initially as a resource for young people who were a part of youth council and similar style groups. It kinda morphed into a much more people who work with and for the age group information sharing network, towards what it is today.
I tried in a number of ways and over many years to make it into some kind of business / sustainable income, but it was not to be.
As many of you will know, itís difficult to find $ in the area that we work in. Rest assured for those struggling, itís still not much easier with a decade old, well respected, 3000+ email network. There are ways to do it, but itís not simple.
My professional passion is actually the age group a little below much of the work we do. I do love interacting with people and understanding them and I do particularly like working with children; I have just completed a primary education degree. Having gone to uni as a mature age student, you get so much more insight about what you are more clearly able to observe the system around you.
I recently started pulse28 to target some of this direction, but itís going to take a while to build this up.
Itís funny, for the history of my work with YG, I have always been more of a middle man, getting the information from me to you, but rarely actually using it myself. What this means is that I am somewhat distant from the use and impact of the information that comes across the network. YouthGAS is much more about the sharing of the content, rather than the content itself.
My dream of recent years is to one day have my own ďschoolĒ / learning system but as I have found out in the last couple of years, system change in the education area, is at least equally resisted as in the youth field.
For very long time subscribers, I am still battling away out there, somewhere, though at different times it doesnít feel like I have progressed far. Itís hard to do work that you believe in and be life-supported by it. I need someone to pay me to just express all the ideas and concepts that I have.
I am thankful to the small group of moderators who have helped me out over the years.
Oh, and I know they are probably not going to read this, but I am eternally thankful and grateful to my parents. You often only start to understand these things more as you get a little older and look at the relationship in a different way.
So there you go, anonymous survey respondent, I hope you know a little about who I am, what I provide, that I am reasonably trustworthy and yes, thank you for responding because you prompted me to write this.
Have a great weekend everybody!
(officially - Director, YouthGAS)

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