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The North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico mandates that vehicles have a local content of 62.5 percent

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Some details have begun to come out

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Bruno said the ban affected 24 of 29 engines that ULA hadordered from Russia, but not paid for, before Russia invadedCrimea

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It is a UVM Cancer Center program that helps cancer patients get back into shape following their treatment

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She sticks out as the only one not covered in dirt

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In New Mexico, they served residents such as ranch hands tending to cattle and rural teachers educating the children of chile pickers

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“Obviously if you win your division, it works to your advantage even more because you don’t necessarily have to throw your Game 1 starter on Tuesday

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“As we mark this terrible loss of life, we are reminded of the sacrifice brave Americans and our Afghan partners make each and every day in the name of freedom and security.”

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Obama on Friday offered to work with Russia to bring peace to Syria, but he took several digs at Putin, with whom he has a frosty relationship

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Earlier this year, the FDA along with the U.S

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He said that when Love was arrested, he was in possession of the gun believed to have killed 35-year-old Hatcher

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It won't be fatal to McCarthy's ambitions or his ascension, but it hasn't been helpful either

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Aid agencies say 1.5 million Zimbabweans, or 16 percent of the population, would need food aid by next March.

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The car's idiot detection sensor (to use its unofficial title) instantly knew to give him a wide berth

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“We’re going to take (the gun lobby) on,” she said, echoing the remarks she made immediately after the Oregon shooting

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The litter that does stick around will eventually be broken down into small fragments and fibres by waves and UV light

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In the near term, VW will continue to suffer the worstrepercussions of its test-rigging, exposed by U.S

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