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Warplanes were seen flying high above an area of Syria's Homs province where Friday prayers were canceled

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So he’s one of those guys that knows everything that’s going on on the field — formations and motions and leverage and quarterbacks’ eyes

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Australia and Germany were the first two countries to quit the bidding race and were followed by Argentina

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Researchers have done a count of craters and find the smooth southern plains, which have been dubbed Vulcan Planum, to have fewer large impact sites, indicating their relative youthfulness

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Slash-and-burn agriculture in neighbouring Indonesia has blanketed Singapore in a choking haze for weeks

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That's what I've been pondering over recent days on a short trip here

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Nothing crazy, but just wanted to make sure it didn’t turn into something more.”

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She also noted that discovering contributory factors such as height can aid in developing future cancer treatments.

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The top 25 players on the Web.com Tour regular-season money list earned PGA Tour cards

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Did they make the wrong choice? I'll let you judge.

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"The good news is sleep is a highly modifiable," she said

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One chef is vigorously stirring a large portion of fried vegetables

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas kisses a Palestinian flag before raising it during United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations in Manhattan, September 30, 2015

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When deciding what to pack for a weekend away, a jumpsuit will solve all of your suitcase dilemmas

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Thenumerous veteran free agents forced to accept professional tryouts are proof of that.

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They’ll charge, just not at the speeds attainable with pure Type-C.

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Published on Monday, October 5th, 2015
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